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Boarding Celebration Tea


Thank you to our ‘friends’ who visited us for a special boarders’ tea yesterday evening. Our special guests included Old Girls who were boarders and ex-staff of Kent College. It was such a privilege to host these special guests and to hear about how the school has changed and also how it has stayed true to its roots. The Wesley spirit was very much the ethos of the school then as it is now. The overriding message from our Old Girls to the current boarders was to enjoy their time here. The Old Girls remember their boarding years with such fondness and the friendships they formed have been life-long and one of their most treasured gifts from boarding.

Of course there were the obligatory stories which demonstrate how much boarding has changed over the decades. Stories such as the routinely removal of frogs from the outdoor swimming pool before each lesson, were very amusing and a world away from the current luxuries the girls enjoy. Our boarders were shocked to hear about large dormitories and metal beds, and our guests were amazed by how homely H&H is now. The girls were proud to show-off their warm, colourful dorms and all the comfort and technology in the Common Rooms.

To add a touch of fun to the visit, our guests were paired up with current boarders and sent on a treasure hunt around the junior boarding house. This ‘tour’ also included some technology which we are experimenting with. The answers to some of the questions in the quiz could be obtained by watching video clips of our boarders. These video clips are only accessed with an IPad when a tablet is held over key pictures, using an App called Aurasma.

After the ‘tour’ the Old Girls shared some of their memories. Some had brought teddies and other photos from their time as boarders. We enjoyed these stories in the Common Room over cucumber sandwiches and cream cakes. Thanks to the catering team who provided us with a sumptuous afternoon tea. Our boarders then took our guests on tours of the whole school site, with a special visit to our science building which is named after one of our guests, June Darbyshire, who boarded here in 1946.

This is one of the events we are holding to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Boarding Schools’ Association. Kent College are proud members of the BSA with all of our boarding staff attending their training courses. Everyone one of our boarding team have completed their Induction to Boarding Certificate and Mrs Cable and I are currently completing a two year course in boarding schools’ management with the BSA and Roehampton University. Earlier this year we planted a tree to join the boarding school orchard and have a few more celebrations planned this term.

Thanks again to our guests for their visit. It was so special to hear their memories and to share in the joys of boarding at Kent College.

Posted: 15.06.2016
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