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KCPPA Italian Evening


On Thursday 23rd March, 2017, the KCPPA hosted their first ever Italian evening and the Organ Room was transformed into an Italian kitchen and restaurant, with delicious aromas and Pavarotti singing quietly in the background.

We were fortunate enough to have Julie Friend from the Hungry Guest come in to talk to us about Italian cooking, explain about the different regions and specialities in Italy and to demonstrate some quick and tasty supper recipes which we were then able to taste. All totally delicious!

Julie won BBC Masterchef in 1997 and has since run her own successful delicatessens in London before coming to Kent in 2014. She has spent a lot of time in Italy and was able to share her passion and wealth of experience with the KC community. She currently manages the Hungry Guest in West Malling and brought some of their delicious produce for purchase at the end of the evening. Fresh pestos, olive oils, preserves and passatas, sundried tomatoes and much more.

Julie was ably assisted by one of our very own old girls, Floss Henderson, who is currently working at the Hungry Guest and learning from this great chef.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening and were asking when the next one would be…….maybe an Asian influenced evening……or French? Watch this space.

Meanwhile, “Mille Grazi” to Julie & Floss and to all who supported our event.  Happy cooking everyone!

Posted: 27.03.2017
Tags:  latest
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