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Mrs Jane More


Jane More is an ex pupil of KC and kindly came in to meet us and answer some questions.

When were you a pupil at KC?

“I was a pupil from 1951 until 1958. I still have a teddy bear that sits on my bed at home that was with me at KC from beginning to end. The teddy is now 61 years old!”

Did you board? If yes, did you ever have a midnight feast and were you caught?

“Yes, I did board and I did have a midnight feast. I wasn’t caught! At the time I was staying in a cottage where the teachers now live and the teachers were sleeping next door. We had our feast and heated some baked beans over an electric radiator. The teachers must have heard us but we didn’t get caught!”

What was the naughtiest thing you did?

“The naughtiest thing was we were doing a dress rehearsal for our nativity and I was Joseph. The vicar was there with his pet dog, who was a pug. The pug had big eyes, and the vicar had big eyes too, I thought this was very funny and I couldn’t stop laughing, Soon everyone else was laughing too!  The English teacher stopped the practice and said she would meet me outside the staff room and I knew I was going to get into trouble. She did tell me off but said she could see the funny side but I mustn’t do it again!

“Another naughty thing is that it was my turn to ring the next lesson bell and I knew the lesson was coming to an end and the teacher had asked a question, so I put my hand up, and she said yes Jane and I said, can I go ring the bell? I did this so many times they got really exasperated with me!”

What was the best thing you did at KC?

“The best thing has to be making lots of amazing friends that I’m still friends with now. Particularly Marilyn Bear who we called ‘Teddy’ Bear and Jill Webster.”

What was your favourite lesson?

“English and History but I did not like Games, although I was quite good at Hockey and Running.”

Did you have clubs and what were they?

“The clubs were; Girl Guides, choir, literacy, debating society, orchestra and gymnastics.”

Can you tell us what has changed in the grounds?

“We had a Cedar tree, which was where the Senior School swings are now in front of the lunch hall, which got blown down. Once my friend climbed right to the top and the teacher saw her head poking out of the top! There was a lily pond where we used to swim which is next to the dining hall and is filled in. And there were kitchen gardens.”

How often did you swim and did you have competitions?

“We swam in the lily pond and later on we walked through the woods to Pembury to the Woods Gate open air pool.”

We have Danes, Saxons and Celt houses. Did you have houses and what were they called?

“We had exactly the same and I was in Danes and I still have my badge!”

What sports did you do? Did you play matches against other schools?

“We played hockey and netball in the winter and in the summer we played rounders and athletics. We played matches against KC Canterbury Boys, where one of my friends broke her leg playing against them and Combe Bank. We also played against adult teams; Marden Ladies, Tonbridge Ladies, Aylesford Paper Mills. We also played against Convent of the Sacred Heart, which is now called Beechwood and Bedgebury Park, Lillesden and Fosse Bank. We usually won!”

Posted: 23.04.2019
Tags:  latest
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