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Very special Kent College Old Girl


Very special Kent College Old Girls

Congratulations to Marjorie Garrett (nee Wood) who celebrated her 100th birthday on 23rd August.   Marjorie represents to many of us a typical Folkestone KCOG - energetic, enthusiastic, utterly reliable and loyal to her old school and friends made there.   For many years Marjorie was the efficient Treasurer of the Old Girls Association and some 50 years ago started to organise reunions in Sussex for local KCOG's.   About 30 years ago she asked if I could help her (and you don't refuse an old KC head girl!) and I volunteered to hold what became known as the Hever Reunion each July at our home.

Marjorie organised everything and with the help of some of my KC friends we had some very happy days, often with 40+ members finding their way to The Old Farmhouse.   When we settled some 17 years ago in Five Oak Green very near to KC (who could have guessed in those far off days in the 1950's that I would be collecting my pension just two miles from KC?) we decided to resurrect our mini reunions here at Mill House Barn and on13th July this year we had a wonderful afternoon with ages ranging from 2-84.   A birthday card for Marjorie was signed and posted just before her 100th birthday to a very special lady.

A contemporary of Marjorie, lovely, lively Evelyn Mead (West) also celebrated her 100th birthday earlier this year.   Sadly, she died in May and her funeral in Cambridge was conducted by her loyal KCOG friend, the Rev. Helen Gardner.

Shirley White (Runtle) another loyal Folkestone KCOG died earlier this year.   Like Evelyn she was a regular attender at reunions both at KC, Folkestone, Hever and Five Oak Green and they will both be sadly missed.   They truly epitomised what it is to be "A KC Girl".

Words by Jane More (Linfield)  Boarder at KC Pembury from 1951 to 1958.


Posted: 06.09.2016
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